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ASEF Presents: The First Bite Fundraiser

You can take part in the demolition process to prep for the new school! Buy a raffle ticket for the chance to operate the machine that takes one of the first "bites" out of your old school!

Three bites will be raffled off for each building. Participants must be at least 18 years old, but there will be fun #CometConstructionCrew activities for kids, too! Dates and times will be announced according to our construction manager, but we are planning to hold two Demolition Days between mid-August and late September. Winners will be announced the day of. Stay tuned this summer for “First Bite” announcements!

Click on the images below to download a PDF version of the flyer and raffle tickets order form!

What is the ASEF?
The Amherst Schools Educational Foundation was established to enhance educational programs, provide scholarships, and support staff development activities. Grants are awarded to support programs and activities that will enhance and enrich the curriculum and classroom instruction. All grant awards are in line with the district goals and provide activities for projects that cannot be funded through the school district budget.

How is the Foundation funded?
The Amherst Schools Educational Foundation has been built by large and small donations from friends, graduates, employees, families, organizations, and businesses for the benefit of the Amherst students today and future generations. Only the interest income is used for grant making and scholarships. The principal of the fund is never touched, therefore contributions received each year add to the fund that continues to grow.

How is the Foundation managed?
The Amherst Schools Educational Foundation is managed by a nine-member board made up of community leaders, alumni, and friends of the schools. The funds are held with and invested by the Community Foundation of Lorain County.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Your gift to the Amherst Schools Educational Foundation can be a simple and satisfying way to increase your itemized deductions. The ASEF is a Tax-exempt 501(c) (3) community fund.

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