The Maintenance and Grounds Department is responsible for maintaining all Amherst school buildings and public spaces. We provide maintenance and repairs to the district's schools, offices, and other facilities. Our goal is to provide a healthy and safe learning environment for all students, staff, and visitors. If you see anything that needs improved or if you have any questions about the facilities or usage, please contact us at 440-988-1923 for more information.

Community Use of Facilities

Below is an online Building Use Permit to request the use of one of our facilities. Non-school groups must also submit a Proof of Liability Insurance certificate. Please contact the Treasurer's Office for more information about the Proof of Liability Insurance certificate.

Building Use Online Permit

Critical May Levy Renewal Details

As we’ve been sharing all along, our May operating renewal levy will NOT raise taxes. It will maintain our financial stability through at least 2021, protecting our high quality programs. On this week’s Comet Conversation, Superintendent Sayers digs deeper into this last critical step to ensure our district’s long-term financial health and stability.

Community Forum for Issue #21

Below is Superintendent Sayers' presentation from the Community Forum for Issue #21 on October 5, 2016. If you have any questions about Issue #21 or the information contained in the presentation, please contact Superintendent Sayers at steve_sayers@amherstk12.org.

November Bond Issue FAQ

If you would like more information about the November Bond Issue to build a new PreK-3 elementary school, please review the November Bond Issue Frequently Asked Questions document below!

November Bond Issue FAQ

Board Unanimously Passes Resolution to Partner with OSFC

Thanks to Jason Hawk for a nice review of the process this summer!

The State of Amherst's School Buildings

On May 2, 2016, Superintendent Sayers gave his State of the Schools address, where he highlighted out high quality academic programs, our financial stability, and outstanding co-curricular programs. He also explained in-depth the upcoming permanent improvements at Steele High School in the South Lobby and the Media Center, and discussed new details regarding our elementary school project.

Watch and share this 2 minute cartoon for a quick understanding of our elementary school project:

  • Please note the data in the video has been updated since the time of State of the Schools. After refinancing existing debt from the construction of AJH, the Amherst Schools Board of Education was able to pursue a shorter bond issue this November than previously anticipated. The bond will last for 25 years, instead of 37, and the bond issue will only extend our current bond rate for an additional 12 years instead of 27!

Watch the full State of the Schools presentation here:

At minute 16:00, Mr. Sayers begins to discuss the summer permanent improvements, and at minute 25:00, he offers new details about our Master Facilities Plan, such as where the new building would go, how students will transition during thew construction, and there future plans for Powers and Harris.

Upgrading Elementary Schools with NO Tax Increase

It is our pleasure to announce that the district’s plan for a new elementary school and upgraded HVAC at Nord and Steele will not increase taxes, maintaining our strong financial stability and return on investment for the community. To pay for the plan, the state will pay for 45% (almost half) of the project cost, and we will likely place a no new tax bond issue on the November ballot that extends our current bond rate for an additional 12 years (an update that happened after the financial presentation below). The November issue would NOT increase taxes.

Watch this presentation from Rockmill Financial Consulting, LLC to understand how:

This plan keeps Amherst strong and new and upgraded facilities will protect our progress. Here’s why:

Amherst Facilities Fact Sheet

Amherst Schools provide a strong return on investment for taxpayers.

  • We prepare our students well for success in college, military, and careers.
  • We carefully manage district resources to ensure long-term financial stability.
  • We have the 3RD LOWEST school property taxes in Lorain County.

Our elementary schools are old, drain limited dollars, and hinder education.

  • They have outdated electrical systems, antiquated plumbing, and failing HVAC systems.
  • They are not ADA compliant and have classrooms that are too small for today’s learning.
  • Every year, we spend hundreds of thousands on Band-Aid repairs just to keep them operating.
  • The Ohio School Facilities Commission found that it costs nearly the same to replace them as it does to repair them.
  • Closing another school could save up to $500,000 a year in operating costs

We can replace our elementary schools with upgraded buildings with NO INCREASE in taxes.

  • We would build one new elementary school for preschool through third grade and make upgrades to HVAC systems at Nord Middle School and Steele High school.
  • If we replace our elementary schools, the state will fund 45% (almost half) of the plan and we will extend an existing bond for an additional 12 years to pay for the project.
  • The state will pay for 45% of the cost to demolish Shupe, Harris, and Powers.
  • The plan will require a no new tax bond issue, most likely to be on the November ballot.

This plan fits our community’s long-term strategy.

  • This plan right-sizes our school district to fit our current and projected enrollment.
  • It preserves our financial stability with fewer buildings that are more energy efficient.
  • The new elementary school would include enhanced safety and security.
  • This plan provides for instructional space that fits 21st century learning requirements so our kids can continue to compete locally and globally.

Chuck Grimmett is the Building and Grounds Supervisor. Before joining the Amherst Schools administration team, Chuck was the Building Maintenance Superintendent at the Grafton Correctional Complex. Chuck also taught the Building Trades course at the Lorain County Joint Vocational School and ran his family’s appliance repair business.

Chuck is an Amherst native and a member of the Steele Class of ’78. Chuck and his wife Linda love to camp and travel in their spare time.