Student Services

The Student Services Department is committed to providing students with programs and resources to be successful throughout their school careers and beyond. Our goal is to assist families and school team members in addressing the needs of all students under any circumstance. Student Services provides support for both gifted students and special education students with a highly trained staff of professionals. Contact the Executive Director of Educational Services at 440-988-1981 for more information on gifted services or the Special Education Director at 440-988-1990 for information on special education services.

Special Education Resources

Child Find

Child Find (3301-51-03) is a rule which requires school districts to locate, evaluate and identify all students with suspected disabilities living within the Amherst school district. A "child with a disability" is defined as a student having a cognitive disability (mental retardation), a hearing impairment (including deafness), a speech or language impairment, a visual impairment (including blindness), a serious emotional disturbance, an orthopedic impairment, autism, traumatic brain injury, another health impairment, a specific learning disability, deaf-blindness, or multiple-disabilities.

The Amherst Exempted Village School District is asking for your assistance with this important effort. When children are school-age (grades K-12), the district works to identify and evaluate these students so they can receive special education and related services. However, when children are of preschool age or younger, they often go unidentified because parents may not be aware of possible programs available for their child.

Please help us in our effort to serve those children who may be in need as early as possible. If you know of a child who may have one of the disabilities listed and is not currently in school or receiving services, please contact Sarah Walker, Director of Special Education at or 440-988-4406.

Sarah Walker is the Director of Special Education in the Amherst Exempted Village School District.