New Student Registration (Online Version)

Student Information

Student's Legal Name:

Are you enrolling your child for this current school year or the start of next school year?​

Has the student previously attended the Amherst Schools?

If Hispanic, please choose one of the following:

Medical Information

Does the student receive any Remedial or Special Education Services? (i.e. IEP, 504 Plan, LEP, and/or MFE papers)

Parent/Family Information

Father/Guardian Information

Mother/Guardian Information

Language Information

If the child was not born in the USA, what was the date the child entered the USA?

What language did your child speak when he/she first learned to talk?

What language does your child speak most frequently at home?

What language do you use most frequently to speak to your child?

What language do the adults at home most often speak?

How long has your child attended school in the United States?

Does your child have a current Limited English Proficient (LEP) plan?

Please provide your student's OTELA scores if previously identified as LEP in another district.

By typing your initials here, you verify that you are the parent/guardian and the above information is true.

Initials (to be obtained at registration meeting):


I certify that I am the parent having legal custody or guardianship of the above named student. I certify that all information contained in this form is correct. If I am a divorced parent or legal guardian, a certified copy of the judgment entry from a court of law establishing the current rights of custody of the above named student is provided for copying by the school. (O.R.C. 3313.6) In addition, I certify I have established residency within the boundaries of the Amherst School District as indicated by the address provided on this form. I understand that if I am not the person having legal custody or guardianship of this student and if my address is not as stated the student will be subject to immediate suspension from school, credits will be withheld and a claim will be filed for tuition.

The undersigned swears and affirms that the information in the foregoing Student Registration is true.

By typing your full name here, you agree to the above statement of verification.

Signature (to be obtained at registration meeting):

Student Information/Emergency Contacts

It is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to keep the information such as telephone numbers, emergency contacts, and email addresses current. Please notify the school office or use your PowerSchool Parent Portal account to update the information.

By typing your initials here, you agree to the above statement of parent/guardian responsibility.

Initials (to be obtained at registration meeting):