Amherst Logo Guidelines

Why Are Logo Guidelines Important?

Amherst Exempted Village Schools logo is a trademark that uses typefaces and colors to create a clearly recognizable brand for our schools. Communications developed by or for the Amherst Exempted Village Schools - including newsletters, brochures, annual reports, stationary, business cards, promotional items, apparel, and online activity - are a reflection of this brand, and convey the District's primary message and reputation.

Amherst Exempted Village Schools have officially licensed a number of local vendors who have the ability of produce and distribute branded material on behalf of the district. These vendors are aware of our logo guidelines, and can confirm that the material they produce is within our standards. Any "for-profit" business must receive approval to use the district logo.

If there are any questions as to whether the logo is in compliance with the policy, please contact the Athletic Director Casey Wolf (440-988-1325) PRIOR to production for approval.

When displaying the Amherst logo, please follow the guidelines outlined in the document below: