Amherst Logo Registration

The Amherst Exempted Village School District requires all persons, businesses, corporate entities, and organizations that wish to utilize the district’s logo for any reason, including retail, trade, merchandizing, and sale purposes, to register with the school district prior to utilizing the logo for such purposes. Please use the link below to register with the district:

Amherst Logo Registration

Why Are Logo Guidelines Important?

Amherst Exempted Village Schools logo is a trademark that uses typefaces and colors to create a clearly recognizable brand for our schools. The district’s Board of Education first adopted and trademarked the logo – a block ‘A’ with a Comet flying through the center of the ‘A’ – in 2013. Communications developed by or for the Amherst Exempted Village Schools —including newsletters, brochures, annual reports, stationary and business cards, promotional items and apparel, online activity—are a reflection of this brand, and convey the District’s primary message and reputation. Logo guidelines are an important component of maintaining a consistent look and feel to Amherst Exempted Village Schools communications so that all produced material express a professional image that is immediately identifiable as originating from our District. They also help maintain:

• Clear communications and a unified voice, rather than confusing audiences with multiple interpretations that can be in conflict.

• Instant recognition, a way to immediately differentiate Amherst Exempted Village Schools unit from others.

• Positive association with Amherst Exempted Village Schools, leveraging the recognition and feelings of goodwill throughout the community.

• Performance that is efficient and economical—avoiding duplication of effort—during times when these traits are essential.

• It protects the brand equity, safeguarding the concrete value of our work from financial or other gains by external groups.

Logo registration is free of charge but must be completed at the beginning of each school year. Failure to register the use of our logo or failure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Amherst Board of Education could result in a warning and/or fine.

When displaying the Amherst City Schools logo, please follow these guidelines:

Primary Logo

The primary Amherst Exempted Village Schools logo is the endorsed visual mark that represents the District to various audiences. This logo consists of a green, standalone “A” (font name: Station 232) with a yellow outline, and a comet inlaid above the horizontal cross-strike, but below the apex. This logo should always appear in its entirety (as shown) and should not be recreated, altered, or modified in any way.

In order for the Amherst Exempted Village Schools logo to communicate effectively, no symbols or content should ever appear in a dominant position over the primary logo. Furthermore, there should also be a minimum of one-half inch of surrounding space so it can be displayed properly.

This logo should be used on all material produced on behalf of Amherst Exempted Village Schools including marketing communications, printed pieces, visual presentations, advertising and any other materials that represent AEVS with external audiences.

If there are any questions as to whether the logo is in compliance with the policy, please contact the Athletic Director or building principals PRIOR to production for approval.

Use of Taglines

Taglines, or additional text, are allowed to appear in conjunction with the primary logo—so long as the primary logo appears in its entirety, has not been recreated, altered, or modified, and remains in the dominant position. In order for the Amherst Exempted Village Schools to communicate effectively, there must be a reasonable space between the tagline and the primary logo. Taglines are only permitted below the primary logo and the font must be Station 232.

Appropriate Apparel Colors

To ensure that the logo of Amherst Exempted Village Schools is properly displayed apparel items are limited to the following colors:

• Green (PMS 343)

• Yellow (PMS 116)

• White

• Gray

• Black