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The Amherst Exempted Village School's Human Resources Department is committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting talented employees who desire to educate and support Amherst students. Our goal is to provide personalized support and service to each employee, school, and department. Our webpage will help you find information about Human Resources services, current employment opportunities, district procedures and requirements for employment in the Amherst Exempted Village School District. Please contact the Human Resource Department at 440-988-1656 if you have questions. We want to make a difference so that you can make a difference!

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Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)

Individual Professional Development Plan Information

1. Every teacher needs to have an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) on file with the Amherst LPDC. Your IPDP and goals drive your professional development for the five years of your current license. You need to develop a new IPDP and goals whenever you renew your license (every five years) or shift the focus of your professional development.
2. All coursework, activities, and CEUs must be aligned to the goals on your current IPDP or the activities will not be approved by the LPDC.

Coursework Pre-Approval Procedures

1. Complete Activity Proposal form with name of university/college, course description (name and number), and cost per credit hour.
2. Submit Activity Proposal to LPDC for signature.
3. Make copies of your signed Activity Proposal for your records.
4. Send original, signed Activity Proposal form with course description to the superintendent’s office for approval requesting tuition reimbursement.
5. Your approved Activity Proposal will be returned to you. Please keep this in a safe place. You have to return this when you submit for reimbursement.

6. After receiving the LPDC signature (and Superintendent's signature for tuition reimbursement) you may register for the course. Be sure to print your receipt of payment.

Coursework Verification Procedures

1. Complete Activity Verification form to LPDC for signature. Attach official transcript, proof of payment, and the original signed proposal.
2. Once your LPDC representative has signed your verification form, submit the signed Activity Proposal form, official transcript, original receipt of payment, and Activity Verification form to Board of Education for reimbursement.

**Following the correct procedure is YOUR PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY. You MUST follow the correct procedure to not only receive your reimbursement, but to use the hours for licensure renewal. If you fail to follow the procedure, you will NOT be reimbursed and licensure renewal may be denied!***


Christine Rider is the Human Resources Secretary in the Amherst Exempted Village School District. She enjoys working with the amazing faculty and staff at Amherst Schools and is always available to help with new employee orientation, licensure renewal, FMLA paperwork, and BCI/FBI background checks. Feeding the hungry and helping the homeless in Lorain County are endeavors that Christine is committed to and feels passionate about.

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