This year’s theme, Comet Nation - Stronger Together, embodies the Amherst Exempted Village School District’s desire to achieve unity through relationships. It also reflects our commitment to fostering a close-knit community where parents, guardians, teachers, staff, and community members work hand in hand to create an enriching and supportive learning environment for our students.

We recognize that parents and guardians fulfill an irreplaceable role in their child's development; therefore, their active involvement in their child’s educational journey is valuable beyond measure. Our goal is to further strengthen our partnership with families and the broader Amherst community during the course of this school year by introducing new initiatives, programs, and resources that emphasize the importance of teamwork, empathy, inclusivity, and mutual respect.

Thank you for being an essential part of Comet Nation. We know there is power in standing united to achieve greatness, and the Amherst Exempted Village Schools are grateful to have you standing with us. We are Stronger Together! 

Mike Molnar, 





Weekly Community Update