The Treasurer's Office is committed to providing the highest level of fiscal integrity in management and reporting to our students, parents, partners and the community. The Treasurer is the chief fiscal officer of the school district and is responsible for the financial affairs of the district. The Treasurer reports directly to the board of education. Major functions of the Treasurer's Office include: Annual Budget Reporting, Financial Forecasting, Grants Management, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgets/Appropriations, Fixed Assets Inventory, Insurance, Employee Benefits, Public Records, and Student Activities. Contact us at 440-988-8846 for information or assistance!

Medical, Prescription Drug, and Dental Rates 2019-2020

Staff Wellness Participation Form

Please complete the Staff Wellness Participation Form below and submit it to the Treasurer's Office by August 31st!

2019-2020 Staff Wellness Participation Form

Biometric Screenings can be completed on the screening day on August 20, 2019 or at your physician’s office. If you elect to have the core screenings done at your physician’s office proof of completion must be provided to the Treasurer’s office by March 15, 2020.

Third Party Annuity Information

Please review the new Third Party Annuity Announcement (2019-2020) and find the Salary Reduction Agreement and the Approved Annuity Providers documents under the "Payroll Forms" section below!

Third Party Annuity Administrator Announcement

403(b) Notice for 2019-2020

Financial Information, Forms, and Documents

Five Year Forecast

General Forms

Insurance Information


Payroll Forms

State Retirement System

Student Activities

Treasurer Contacts

Bernice Lavine, Administrative Assistant

Suzanne Harlow, Payroll

Regina Zaborski, Records & Benefits

Diane Syrowski, Accounts Payable & Inventory

State Fraud Center

The Auditor of State, Dave Yost, established the following hotline and Fighting Fraud website for information and reporting of potential fraud throughout governmental agencies.

Phone: 1-866-FRAUD OH (1-866-372-8364)
US Mail: Ohio Auditor of State's Office, Special Investigation Unit, 88 East Broad Street, PO Box 1140, Columbus, Ohio 44215


Amy Gioffredo, Treasurer