Campus Selection

The Amherst School District is giving 6-12 families the option to request a change in their campus selection for the third trimester. The Restart Plan states that parents must communicate their decision to the school district before the beginning of the third trimester. The approved transitions will begin on Tuesday, March 2nd.

At this point in the year, requests to change campus selections may be difficult to fulfill. The district will do everything they can to fulfill your request; however, a campus change may not be possible due to course offerings and limited availability. A student’s teacher(s), courses, and/or schedule may change to make the onCampus and eCampus programs functional.

AJH and Steele Information (6-12)

Parents and students should be familiar with the Amherst onCampus and eCampus programs. If you are considering a change for your 6-12 student but still need more information to make a decision, please contact your child's building principal, assistant principal, or school counselor.

Parents who desire a campus change for a child for the third trimester must complete the Campus Change Request Form (link is below) between Monday, January 18th and Sunday, February 7th. If we do not receive a request, the student will remain in the third trimester classes that are currently showing on their schedule in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. All campus selections are final and no changes will be made after midnight on February 7th.

Note: You only need to complete the form below if you are making a request to change campuses for the third trimester.


6-12 Campus Change Request Form (3rd Trimester)