2021-2022 Enrollment

Grades 1-12

New Student Online Registration Form

Click on the link below to complete the New Student Online Registration Form to begin the process of registering a student in Amherst in grades 1-12. The online portion of our registration process should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please have the following information available: emergency contacts (parent(s) plus three more contacts); contact information for your student's doctor, dentist and preferred hospital; medical information (allergies, medicines, etc.); and previous school information. *Please note that completion of this online form does not automatically register your student(s) in Amherst.

Required Documents for Registration

The required documents for student registration (see below) must be uploaded within the Online Registration Form. If you have any questions, please contact the District Registrar, Lisa Overdorff, at (440) 988-1903 or through email at lisa_overdorff@amherstk12.org.

Registration for Additional Students

A New Student Online Registration Form must be submitted for each student in your family. Once you have successfully submitted one New Student Online Registration, you will have the opportunity to begin another form for additional students on the "Submission Confirmation" page.

New Student Online Registration Form (Grades 1-12) - Click Here!


Required Documents for Registration

You will need to provide the following required documents (Registration Checklist).

  1. Parent/Guardian Photo ID : The parent/guardian must provide a passport/driver's license or a state photo I.D. as proof of identity. Only the legal guardian of the student may register the student.

  2. Proof of Residency : Parent/guardian must submit TWO documents proving residency in Amherst. The district will NOT enroll without proof of residence. The only documents accepted for proof of residency are:

    • Rental/Lease Purchase Agreement
    • Mortgage/House Payment/Deed
    • City/County Property Tax Statement
    • Home/Auto Insurance Statement
    • Cable Bill
    • Notarized Residency Affidavit
    • Voter Registration Card
    • Government Assistance/Food Stamp Verification

      Note: Utility bills and credit card statements are not a board-approved proof of residency.

  3. Guardianship/Custody/Divorce Documents (if applicable) : A certified copy of any court order establishing custody or guardianship from Domestic Relations Court, Probate Court, Juvenile Court, or any other Court of competent jurisdiction which has issued an order regarding the custody of the student being registered. To verify guardianship or custody, the following are the only acceptable proofs:
    • A certified, time-stamped court order indicating custody together with any modification (3313.672 ORC)
    • A time-stamped notice of the application for appointment of guardian from probate court (valid for 60 days)
    • A certified copy of court placement orders for foster children
      Note: A letter from current guardian giving temporary custody is not acceptable. Also, any changes or modifications in the custody orders must also be submitted.
  4. Student's Original Birth Certificate : The parent/guardian must present an original or certified copy.
  5. Student's Complete and Updated Immunization Records (Medicine Administering Form)
  6. Student's Report Card and/or Official High School Transcript : Please utilize our Release of Records Request Form
  7. Student’s Special Education Records (if applicable) : Provide copies of the following:
    • Evaluation Team Report (ETR)
    • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    • 504 Plan
    • Medical Recommendations/Physician Documentation
  8. Student’s Gifted Records (if applicable): Provide copies of the following:
    • Written Education Plan (WEP)
    • Gifted Assessment Results
    • Standardized Test Results
    • Honors/Advanced/AP Records
  9. Release of Records Request Form for Each Child