School Fees

Pay For It

Amherst Schools has enhanced its online payment service through a partnership with PayForIt.net. Using your credit or debit card, you may pay for school meals and student fees.

What are Pay For It services? How do I add/edit my payment methods?

How It Works
PayForIt.net gives you the ability to:

  • Deposit funds to your student’s account via credit card or debit card at your convenience, 24/7. The money will typically appear in your student’s account within 24 hours.
  • Set up a single account for all the students in your family.
  • Set up automatic recurring payments to your student’s meal account.
  • Generate reports on your student’s cafeteria purchases.
  • Check your student’s account balance and request e-mail notification when the balance falls below a specified amount. (Any funds remaining on your student’s meal account at the end of the previous school year will be carried over into the new school year.)
  • Maintain a complete record of your payments.

How to Get Started
PayForIt.net is secure and easy to use. To set up an account, you will need a valid e-mail address, a credit card or debit card, and your student’s ID number. As a first-time user, you will be asked for your name, address, phone, e-mail address, credit card or debit card information, and a password. PayForIt.net provides online help at every step of the process. To ensure your privacy and security, PayForIt.net uses DigiCert Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software and requires a password at login.


  • When entering your student's ID number, omit any leading zeroes.
  • Enter your student's name as it appears on his/her school registration — e.g., William, not Bill.
  • Mac users should use either Safari version 3.1 or the Firefox browser.