Public Records Request

To make a public records request, please email your official request to Each request for public records will be evaluated for a response at the time it is made. Although no specific language is required to make a request, the requester must minimally identify the record(s) requested with sufficient clarity to allow the District to identify, retrieve, and review the record(s). If a requestor makes an ambiguous or overly broad request or has difficulty in making a request for inspection or copies of public records such that the District's Record Officer cannot reasonably identify what public records are being requested, the District Record Officer or designee may deny the request but shall provide the requestor with an opportunity to revise the request by informing the requestor of the manner in which records are maintained by the District and accessed in the ordinary course of business. The request for records need not be in writing. The requestor shall not be required to provide his/her identity or the intended use of the requested public record(s). Those seeking public records will be charged only the actual cost of making copies.

Amherst Records Retention Schedule (Ohio History Connection)

Amherst Records Retention Policy